Cotswold Wedding Photographer

About Me

Part time allotment enthusiast, top Cheltenham wedding photographer, OCD car cleaner, award winning designer and obsessive dog owner. You might find a few Beagle photos. Welcome to the online equivalent of my home. Quirky in places but generally a good colourful place to be. I’ve been taking photographs for many moons now. In various places and guises from corporate in New York and charity photoshoots in London, through to taking photos of new puppies. My main love however, is being a Cheltenham wedding photographer!

I absolutely love a good wedding, in fact, if I’m not sat watching over my BBQ Smoker or walking the Beagle with my wife. There’s not a right lot more I love than being able to photograph someone’s big (or little, I’m not fussy) wedding day. Oddly, I really enjoy the pressure of being a wedding photographer, weird I know! If you’re after a more relaxed and natural style with a splash of creativity, welcome on board.

If you’ve got to this bit you’ve probably had a quick look through some of my work. (and hopefully love it) You’ll notice that it’s more of a creative documentary style rather than anything traditional. I’m really not into set ups and treating people like their in some kind of Vogue photoshoot. It’s just not what happens if you let your special day unfold as it should. That’s where the magic is already happening and that’s what I love to capture. From experience my job is best when it’s not pushing people around and asking them to shout “sausage’s” to get a good photo. (“Cheese” is a classic though!) I’d much rather not get in anyones way and capture people’s natural side instead.

Weddings are usually a bright and colourful affair. This is something I deeply care about trying to capture in my weddding photography. That’s why you won’t find much in the way of moody photo’s on my website. Simply because weddings just aren’t like that so if your after moody and dark it’s probably not the place for you – just bein’ honest! 

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