What to ask a wedding photographer


What to ask a wedding photographer?

That’s the big question right? We generally only do this the once. But even if you’ve done it before I’m pretty sure you have a lot of thing you’d like to know but aren’t sure what to ask a wedding photographer. If you’d like to see more of my stuff click here

Wedding FAQs

If you cant find the answer your looking for here you can just get in touch here and I’ll answer your questions as best I can. Or you could come visit one of the Chosen Wedding Fairs I attend each season. Click here

• What is your style of photography?

My style of photography I'd say is creative natural documentary. I know there are all sorts of things people call themselves and what they do but it's as simple as that for me. I try my best to capture those special moments that happen during your wedding day being as ninja as I possibly can.

• What about 'the posey stuff'

I always tell my couples not to worry about the posey stuff. I will keep it as relaxed as possible by simply making sure you and your other half are together and believe it or not thats it. By putting you together you naturally create the magic that you see in any of the posey photos on my website. I can give you a little guidance but to be honest, it's super easy, pretty fun and we'll get some epic shots!

• I don't like my photo being taken!?

The truth is, unless your Kate Moss or Derek Zoolander. No-one likes their photo being taken. Don't worry to much about it. I'll walk you through with some tips and a little guidance on what to do. I promise you we will get some awesome natural shots of you looking ace. I'd always recommend doing an engagement shoot because it helps get you used to having a camera pointed at you and it will certainly help you feel better about it on the big day. It's also a great way to get to know each other and chat about your plans!

• How long does it take to edit our wedding photos?

It's actually not a set time in that every wedding is different and it can vary with the amount of photos taken. That being said I do try and get them back to you as soon as possible for you to enjoy with friends and family! Usually it's around 8 -12 weeks after the big day if you looking for a number to add into your calendar. As you can imagine, once I'm into peak seasons, my time editing is somewhat put on hold and timings can go off but I'll always keep you updated!

• How many photos will we get?

I always say it's a minimum of 500 fully edited digital photos. Some of which will go into making your custom made highlights slideshow! It's a lot more fun than it sounds I promise. Check out the slideshows page under Portfolio in the nav to find out!

• I'd like to meet before booking, is this possible?

YES YES YES!!! So I'll always get back to emails as quickly as I possibly can but I LOVE to meet couples in person. It's the best way to get the right person for the job if you meet them, you know if they are right straight away so yes, let's meet - I'd be so chuffed to see you it gets me away from my computer! Obviously if your at the end of a 3 hour drive then the next best thing is a video call or even a phone call so we can chat like people used to!

• Do you have insurance

ooooooohhhh yeaaahhhh I do! I have full coverage for Public Liability insurance and Professional Indemnity insurance so I have all bases covered. I take all potential risks very seriously and do everything I can to make sure nothing happens and nothing gets lost. For example, all my cameras backup to 2 memory cards and after the day has ended they are backed up onto multiple hard drives!

• How far do you travel?

Everywhere and anywhere. I love to travel and all travel costs are included, if you have a wedding thats pretty far from HQ all is ask is that you could cover hotel costs so I have somewhere close to sleep the night before. You have no idea how much that helps, it doesn't have to be super swanky but I'd never say no!

• What about copyright?

So from a technical/legal standpoint the copyright is retained by the photographer. In reality you can do whatever you want with the photos, they are yours to keep and you will be supplied with hi-res images that do not have any kind of watermarking on them! All I ask is that if they are given to your other wonderful suppliers, would the kindly share the love with a small mention - it all helps!

• Will you tell people what to do

Errrr no. Not at all. Never. Nope. Not really. The way I work tends to be letting the day unfold as it should and capturing this in as relaxed a way as possible. The only time I can get a little bossy is group shots and even then I do ask that the best men or ushers help me out a little and wrangle folk together!

• What about winter weddings, we might not get a sunny day

I've shot a lot of winter weddings in various venues, but it will never affect your day, the fun will still be hand and we will always find light to use to get some epic shots! Don't worry it's a challenge for sure but it's not a problem!

• How do we book you, do you require a deposit?

To secure the date your after, don't hang around - dates can get booked upto 18 months to 2 years in advance so make sure you get in touch. I do require a £250 booking fee which secures the date for you, I'll cross it off the calendar, write your name on it in big letters and it's yours! The final balance I ask to be payed 4 weeks before the big day (just incase your wondering!)

• What about formal photos, do you do them?

Yes of course! It's a pretty important part of the day, I would always suggest keeping these to a maximum of 15 as they can take quite some time to do. If you have a lot of group formal photos then I can't take the natural, candid fun ones you see on the website!

• What equipment do you use?

So for the camera geeks, I have 2 Sony A9's and they are pretty amazing and I'm absolutely obsessed with them along with the small but perfectly formed collection of prime lenses I have to go with them. I love the quality you get from primes that you simply don't find with zoom lenses - not one to start that argument with anyone mind! I'll get the shot I'm after no matter what happens so don't worry. I've actually tested the idea that it's not really the camera, it's the person holding it that will capture the perfect moment!

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