Coombe Lodge at Blagdon Wedding

I think this was my first super sunny wedding of the year and my first outdoor wedding ceremony of the year for sure! I love a good Coombe Lodge at Blagdon wedding. It always performs well and I must say the Coombe Lodge at Blagdon wedding team are actually heroes. Minus the capes but heroes none the less. For all you brides and grooms out there, with the best will and intentions in the world. Your timings and schedules will change.

Coombe Lodge at Blagdon Wedding Photographer

Uncle Bob will want to take some photos of you over and over again. Big Jimmy’s speech will go on for an uncomfortably longer time more than you wanted. If it’s sunny you will have to drag people away from the bar if you want that massive group shot. This is what the Coombe Lodge at Blagdon team dealt with on the day and I can’t thank them enough for their help!

As you’ll see Rosie & Mike had the most beautiful day, there were laughs, tears and lots of sun – followed sharply by some hard partying! If you are having a wedding at the stunning Coombe Lodge at Blagdon give us a shout!

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“Could not have asked for a better wedding photographer! Chris captured our day perfectly and we are so happy with the photos. It was lovely to have Chris there as part of our wedding, he got involved and embraced our weird and wonderful ideas/guests. Thank you so much Chris, Rosie & Mike xx”

Venue: Coombe Lodge at Blagdon

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