A portrait session with a difference! I spent the day with Voyteck Photography along with a few others to really get to grips with a portrait session, more like self improvement and investment than anything else and who better to learn from than my photographic hero Voyteck, I was mostly listening to his advice on the shoot whilst he lead the session. Whilst I could spare the brain power to actually take a picture whilst trying to listen to what the big man himself had to say I managed to snap some of these which I’m actually pretty chuffed with on the basis I hadn’t tried and wasn’t planning on taking anything for Charlotte and Wills portrait session, who were I might add chuffin’ awesome models!

Not long after this I shot Louise & Sam’s Field and Forest wedding and put Voyteck’s advice to full use! It also helped with Sarah & Aaron’s pre wedding engagement shoot in Bristol to!

Self improvement really is brilliant as far as I’m concerned! Let me know if you think it was worth it and leave a comment below! Super excited about my upcoming engagement shoots and weddings with my awesome couples!

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